Jimmy Draughn
Principal, Valdese High School; Principal, East Burke High School, 1974-1977;
Mayor of Valdese, NC.

July 12, 1934-May 30, 1999

As East Burke’s first principal, Jimmy Draughn set an extraordinary example for students, faculty, and future administrators.

Let us remember him with these remarks that he once made at graduation:

“The great German poet Goethe was once asked by a friend what he would suggest as a daily exercise for spiritual betterment. Goethe’s response:

‘I would like to read a noble poem.
 I would like to see a beautiful picture.
 I would like to hear a bit of inspiring music.
 I would like to meet a great soul.
 And for my fellowman I would like to say a few sensible words.’

These exercises would be beneficial to us all... now and in the future.”

Published June 2021

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